Frequently Asked Questions

Are mental health and/or addiction services available at the 317 Board?

No, we do not provide direct services. Please go to our Network of Care page to select the agency for mental health and addictions services.

Are board meetings open to the public?

Yes, our meetings are open to the public. Meetings take place the fourth Monday of each month at 6 p.m. in the 317 Board conference room unless otherwise noted.

How do I become a board member?

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiciton Services appoints members through an application process. Information and Form.

The Athens-Hocking-Vinton Commissioners appoint community members from their county. Please contact your commissioner’s office for more information.

I have a question or grievance about an agency, what do I do?

Questions can be directed to each agency in our Network of Care and while we would hope that grievances could be worked out with the agency, you may contact our Community Services Sherri Tyree, at 740-593-3177.
See Client Rights for more information.

What does the LOSS Team do?

The Athens County LOSS Team provides immediate support, crisis and counseling resources, and hope to suicide survivors as close to the time of thier loss as possible on-scene or when one is ready to find help. For more information please contact Svea at 740-593-3177.

What are coalitions and what do they do?

The Athens and Hocking Counties Suicide Prevention, Opiate Task Force, and Glouster Tomcat Bridgebuilders are the 317 Board Community coalitions. These coalitions are comprised of parents, teachers, law enforcement, businesses, religious leaders, health providers and other community activists who meet and share ideas to make their communities safer, healthier and drug-free.

My question wasn’t answered here.

If you have additional questions please contact us. We are happy to answer any question that you may have.