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  Network of Care  

The 317 Board supports a community-based network of care for those in need of mental health, addiction, and community services through our partner agencies.

Our Board collaborates with community partners including local schools, courts, law enforcement, jails, and many non-profit community partners to delivery mental health and recovery services.

Please click on the category of service you are looking for below. 

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Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Hopewell Health Centers

  • Mental Health Services

  • Addiction Services

  • Medication Assisted Treatment

  • Opiate Addiction Rapid Access Program

Health Recovery Services

  • Addiction Services

  • Mental Health Services

  • Medication Assisted Treatment

NAMI Athens

TASC of Southeast Ohio

  • Addiction Services

Rural Women's Recovery Program

  • Residential Addiction Services

Bassett House

  • Residential Youth Addiction Services

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Mental Health & Substace Use Disorder Treatment

Recovery Homes for Substance Use Disorders

John W. Clem Recovery House

  • Athens County

  • A 12-bed recovery house for men that implements the practices of the 12-Step program.

Briggs House

  • Athens County

  • A 5-bed peer-run recovery house for men who have abstained from drugs and alcohol for at least six months.

Mike's Bridge Recovery House

  • Athens County

  • A 5-bed recovery house for men with dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance use disorder.

Serenity Grove Women's Recovery House

  • Athens County

  • A 5-bed recovery house for women who have been clean/sober for at least 30 days.

Our House Recovery House

  • Hocking County

  • A 5-bed recovery house for men recovering from substance use disorder.

Groundwork Residences

  • Vinton County

  • Apartments in Vinton County that can accommodate up to five women with or without young children between the ages of 2 and 11.

  • 1-800-321-8293 

Recovery Home for Substance Use Disorders

Domestic Violence Shelter

My Sister's Place

  • A domestic violence shelter and agency in Athens, Ohio, serving Athens, Hocking and Vinton Counties.

  • 1-800-443-3402

Domestic Violence Shelter

Mental Health Peer Support Programs

Athens Photographic Project

  • Mental health recovery through the arts.

The Gathering Place

  • Athens mental health peer support house.

Home Away From Home

  • Hocking County peer support house.

New Beginnings

  • Vinton County peer support house.

Mental Health Peer Support Programs

Services for Seniors

Scenic Hills Senior Center

  • Services for senior citizens in Hocking County.

Vinton County Senior Citizens

  • Services for senior citizens in Vinton County.

Services for Seniors

Services for Youth

The Hive

  • A community hangout for school-aged children in Nelsonville, Ohio.

Sojourners Youth Resiliency Center

  • A community resource and education center for youth ages 14 - 21.

Services for Youth
Community Coalitions

Meetings and Support Groups

*More information coming soon*

Click here for meeting details.

Meetings and Support Groups
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